Cross Trade


Saving Shipping
Cross Trade Logistics provides the unmatchable system to deliver any size, expensive and non-expensive, exhibition, and corporate payload to ensure expedient and on-time delivery. We are geographically spread to give our customers the consideration to tight requirements they look for, wherever, with more than 60 worldwide air shipping clearance. Also, we assure the profit margins for our clients on air shipments and predictable documentation with our cargo services all over the world.

Why Alianca ??

We believe that it is safe to say that you feel uncertainty in booking your air shipment through air freight services. However, Cross Trade Logistics is available with time-manageable, guaranteeing and cost-saving shipping, nationally and internationally. Your needs for trustworthy and customs-handling air freight services is what we procured as the years progressed to offer our potential and long-term clients.

What Makes
Us Different
Customer Support

Our customer support is committed to helping clients achieve their goal & personalizing their shipment experience.

Goods Tracking

Our team is fully committed to the highest level of reliability and efficiency; you can be sure that your cargo is never out of sight & it’s never out of our mind.

Reliability & Punctuality

We transport with the maximum reliability possible. We check the times of loading & unloading, from and to our customers thoroughly, at any time of the day or night.

Secure Packaging

We know how precious and important your cargo and goods are, and because of this we take care to offer specialist advice on appropriate logistics & freight facilities.


With our proficient and efficient relations with airport authorities and customs, we offer reliable and coordinated shipment deliveries. We seek and build with our shipment services the path to start our relationship with various clients globally as one of the top air cargo services. We ensure the assistance you need to import, export, accumulating, custom laws arrangement, and everything required for freight coordination and clearance.

We’ve built potential paths of consultants, professionals, and subject experts to workable skills globally to achieve the perceptible objectives of our customers.

Providence, Trust, Independence, and Culture Diversity on professional complementarity are the main drivers of our unity with our clients.

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