custom clearence

Global Network
We provide custom clearances service to our customers to get their goods shipped quickly and smoothly on every checkpoint. We manage the shipments of your cargo, even past the national borders. We at Alianca, ensure, with years of experience as an international freight service provider that, wherever your shipment is destined for, to get it cleared everywhere. Our global system of workplaces and agents are enthusiastic about giving you a pass through each customs clearance on your goods’ way.

Why Alianca ??

Alianca offers custom clearances service for Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) and Full-Container Load (FCL) shipments. For us, each shipment, regardless of freight service, needs to reach the delivery point on time and without obstacles on the transporting. Our customers give us their shipment on trust and the reach we possess.

What Makes
Us Different
Customer Support

Our customer support is committed to helping clients achieve their goal & personalizing their shipment experience.

Goods Tracking

Our team is fully committed to the highest level of reliability and efficiency; you can be sure that your cargo is never out of sight & it’s never out of our mind.

Reliability & Punctuality

We transport with the maximum reliability possible. We check the times of loading & unloading, from and to our customers thoroughly, at any time of the day or night.

Secure Packaging

We know how precious and important your cargo and goods are, and because of this we take care to offer specialist advice on appropriate logistics & freight facilities.


What We've For You

At Alianca, we work closely with our customers to guarantee that all trade regulations and clearances are being handled at the international and local levels for a safe passage. We are focused on encouraging the smooth travel of merchandise anywhere, where our services are in need.

We expand on the customs clearances for customers by giving the multifaceted nature of what is importing and exporting from India. As per our experience in servicing, businesses do not need to go through their days, following custom clearances or guidelines. Instead, Alianca is here to monitor the shipment until the delivery point. Our agents are updating us of each change in the permissions, to give customers the smooth reach and running of their shipment.