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We can transport all cargo in terms by road with our extensive road network. We offer road logistics to everything, ranging from packages and archives to over-size apparatus and bulky items. Practically, we move the products of any size and type. If you have distinctive necessities to deliver by road, then we can work with you to address the delivery.

Why Alianca ??

For road freight, through our worldwide system of control towers and innovations, we can monitor and progressively respond to circumstances to secure the cargo. There comes the unfavorable climate, extra pick-ups, or drop-offs, or unreachable traffic, but we assure you to make it happen either by hook or crook, irrespective of these obstacles . We ensure that your products are traveling on the roads to every part of the most effective course to make the delivery.

What Makes
Us Different
Customer Support

Our customer support is committed to helping clients achieve their goal & personalizing their shipment experience.

Goods Tracking

Our team is fully committed to the highest level of reliability and efficiency; you can be sure that your cargo is never out of sight & it’s never out of our mind.

Reliability & Punctuality

We transport with the maximum reliability possible. We check the times of loading & unloading, from and to our customers thoroughly, at any time of the day or night.

Secure Packaging

We know how precious and important your cargo and goods are, and because of this we take care to offer specialist advice on appropriate logistics & freight facilities.


The transportation by road is the chain of transport service, that we give careful consideration to the deliver the packages fast, reliable, and on-time through our set network of road transport.

We offer our customers with road freight services with solid, financially savvy, and professional administration: rapid and proficient, for both import and export shipments. We give high quality, flexible road logistics solutions for all your shipment needs. When it’s about either Less Truck Load (LCL) or Full Truck Load (FCL), we are here for everything that needs to be transported through roads.

We guarantee productive transportation through the road network, using top carrier trucks and transport - maintained, monitored, and controlled by us.

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