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Are you in doubt for booking your shipment through air freight? Well, Alianca is your one-stop for all air freight services. We are capable of meeting your various requisites and time guidelines. With our time-distinct, ensuring and cost-saving service, we can meet all your air freight needs with dependable and demonstrable skills, we acquired through the years. We will deliver your shipment with the best air freight pricing to begin our association with.

Why Alianca ??

With our advanced expertise to one of the top global freight forwarding organizations, we will help you with all that you have to import, trade, stockpiling, custom conventions to deal, and everything related to logistics.

What Makes
Us Different
Customer Support

Our customer support is committed to helping clients achieve their goal & personalizing their shipment experience.

Goods Tracking

Our team is fully committed to the highest level of reliability and efficiency; you can be sure that your cargo is never out of sight & it’s never out of our mind.

Reliability & Punctuality

We transport with the maximum reliability possible. We check the times of loading & unloading, from and to our customers thoroughly, at any time of the day or night.

Secure Packaging

We know how precious and important your cargo and goods are, and because of this we take care to offer specialist advice on appropriate logistics & freight facilities.


Alianca Logistics is the air freight providing company, with the unmatchable network to deliver any size, depth, and expensive cargo. We are topographically situated to give our clients the attention to their needs they seek, anyplace, including committed spacing in more than 60 global air carriers. We proactively ensure that your freight is in transportation to wherever in the world you need it.

At 700 locations, in 130 countries, to say and work, we enable our customer to work together in even the remotest corners of the world. We routinely transport over a million tons of freight through the air. In addition, customers gain their profit out of air transport services and consistent tracking of shipments with the advanced monitoring systems through our freight partners over the world.

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